Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

Learn how to do simple data analysis by building pivot tables from scratch in Excel. Easily turn large data sets into charts and graphs to uncover insights.

What You'll Learn

What is a pivot table

Understand what a pivot table is and when to use it.

How to build a pivot table

Learn the step-by-step of building a pivot table from scratch in Excel.

How to analyze the data

Learn how to uncover valuable insights from the data by visualizing pivot table charts.

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Meet Your Instructor

  • Nic Barnhart

    Nic has an MBA from Wharton, worked in Finance & Analytics at ZipRecruiter, cofounded an international nonprofit to combat human trafficking, and headed operations at a health tech startup acquired by Aetna. He is Cofounder and Chief Product Officer of Pareto Labs.

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  • 01 Introduction to Pivot Tables

    Understand what pivot tables are and how they make data analysis so simple that anyone can do it!

  • 02 Finding the Best Selling Products

    Build a pivot table from scratch in Excel through a practical example.

  • 03 Discovering Seasonal Impacts

    Modify the pivot table to uncover additional insights through a second example.