Brand Strategy with Matt Ryan

Brand Strategy with Matt Ryan

Take a journey down the rabbit hole of brand strategy with the former Head of Brand Management of The Walt Disney Company and Chief Marketing Officer of Starbucks. Learn what a brand is, how Disney and Starbucks built iconic brands and how brand strategy can directly impact the financial performance of a company.


  • 01 Introduction

    Meet your mentor, Matt Ryan and find out why brand strategy is critical for any business.

  • 02 What is a Brand?

    Understand what a brand is and how it is different from branding.

  • 03 Two Iconic Brands

    Learn about what made Disney and Starbucks powerhouse brand names and the power of consistency in building and sustaining a brand.

  • 04 Start with the Customer

    Learn to see your business through the eyes of your customers when you are making strategic decisions.

  • 05 Brand Tactics

    Matt gets tactical about how to maintain your brand promise while your business scales, expands to new markets, and introduces new products.

  • 06 Brand is Strategy

    Make the connection between brand strategy and business strategy and learn why brand considerations need to be central to decision making at the highest levels.

  • 07 Data-Fueled Brand Strategy

    Understand how data and key metrics are critical to building and sustaining a brand.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Matt Ryan

    CEO, Soli Organic
    CMO, Starbucks

    After graduating from Harvard, Matt started his career in advertising before joining The Walt Disney Company where he scaled the ranks to Senior Vice President in charge of Disney's brand management. He then joined Starbucks as Chief Strategy Officer and later Chief Marketing Officer where he oversaw the company's brand, strategy, marketing and catalyzed the growth of the Starbucks mobile app. As CEO of Soli Organic, he is leading a late stage startup to create the first household brand in organic produce.