Business Strategy Part 3: Competitive Positioning

In this third and final course of our series on business strategy, you’ll learn to determine a company’s strategic position as we finish our case study of Costco entering the Chinese market. After you watch this course you will have the tools you need to define your own strategic positioning.

Meet Your Instructor

Nic Barnhart

CEO, Pareto Labs
Finance/Analytics, ZipRecruiter

Tommy Moreno

CEO, AMI Entertainment
Strategic Planning, Disney



What is strategic positioning?

Understand how a company’s strategic position must be distinct from competition, valued by customers, and reinforced by the company’s capabilities.


Mapping Out the 2×2 Matrix

Learn to avoid common mistakes and create a chart to visualize your strategic position.


Distinct, Valuable, and Reinforced

Understand the core components of a strategic position and how to apply these to your own business to inform your decisions.



Learn how to put all the information from the three-part series together into one framework to make a final decision as we finish the case study by answering the question: Should Costco enter the Chinese market?