How to Read Financial Statements

Understand the financial health of any business by learning to read and analyze financial statements. In this course we take you line-by-line through Apple’s actual financial statements and explain every concept with simple terms, animations, and examples. 

Meet Your Instructors

Elaine Paul

CFO, Lyft
CFO, Hulu

Nick Van Dyk

Chief Strategy Officer, Nexon
SVP, The Walt Disney Co.

Alexi Robichaux

CEO/Cofounder, BetterUp

Nic Barnhart

Cofounder/CEO, Pareto Labs
Finance/Analytics, ZipRecruiter

Tommy Moreno

CEO, AMI Entertainment
Strategic Planning, Disney



Income Statement: Above the Line

Understand the revenue and cost of “ingredients” that go into creating and delivering products to determine how much money is left over to pay for business operations.


Income Statement: Below the Line

How much did the company spend running the business? That’s what we’ll discover in this lesson!


Income Statement: Simple Analysis

By the end of this lesson, you will understand a company’s operations just by looking at the income statement.


Balance Sheet: Overview

How to look at a balance sheet, know where the money comes from, and how it is put to use.


Balance Sheet: Liabilities

Understand how much the business owes to other people.


Balance Sheet: Shareholders’ Equity

Understand how much money investors have put into the business in exchange for ownership and how much money the company has retained from its own profits to grow the business.


Balance Sheet: Assets

Discover how all the capital is being put to use to run the business.


Cash Flow Statement

Learn about the different sources of cash flow and why it matters where the cash comes from.


Financial Ratios

Now you know how to read financial statements! Congrats! But to unlock their power, you have to put the numbers into context.

What people are saying about this course…

"Just started my MBA and it's a one year program so super fast paced. Felt behind in accounting but in 2 videos easily summarized what I've learned so far!"
Sana S
"Great info, well-explained, presented in a lively and professional manner."
Mike W
"I highly recommend your course for any entrepreneur and small business owner. It is critical to understand financials of your business (or a business you may buy) in order to grow. This is the starting point. Your course is extremely easy to understand, well designed with real life examples, and it breaks each piece down in an easy to digest format. Thank you!"
Kevin B
"The clarity and simplicity how the instructors describe this course is top notch. Clearly provide clean explanation step by step and ends by giving examples from business experts to reinforced what was explained during each video."
Wilson L
"Fantastic program! I’m an Eentrepreneur that understands my business but not the accounting side of things. This has opened my eyes to understand the health of my company."
Robert S Saint Albans, WV
"I've learned so much in a short period of time. Video's are straight forward, entertaining and effective!"
Sade T Edgewater, NJ
"This course was AMAZING! I've struggled to understand even the basics behind analyzing financial statements, even though I've grown my small business to a million in revenue - this course gives me everything I need to really understand the health of my company. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Patricia S CEO
"Pareto Labs found a way to make financials interesting through an entertaining format."
Burt L Business Owner
"Fantastic course, I feel way more confident reading company financial statements after going over the course several times. I can make informed decisions with more clarity and read between the lines when reviewing a business via their financial statements as a result."
Chukwudi E United Kingdom
"The best business finance course I didn't know I needed."
"This was a great course! Highly recommend to anyone who would like to strengthen their financial acumen!"
Fready M Global Supply Manager