Pricing Strategy

Where can you find the answer to all of your pricing questions? Inside your customer’s brain! In this course, entrepreneur, corporate executive and Fortune Midas List venture capitalist, Michael Dearing, gives you the tools you need to understand value based pricing by understanding your customers’ psychology.

Meet Your Instructor

Tommy Moreno

Cofounder & CEO, Pareto Labs
Strategic Planning, Disney



Pricing Isn’t a Math Problem

Pricing is not about complex math, but a judgment problem seen through the lens of human psychology.


The Standard Model and Consumer Psychology

Michael outlines the four pricing tools that leverage the power of psychology, setting them apart from the classical standard pricing model.


A New Pricing Model

Learn how Kahneman and Tversky’s two-part brain analysis of decision-making applies to crafting your pricing strategy.


Value-Based Prices and Assortments

Play the brain game to build your pricing around “perceived value” and create assortments to capture a larger segment of the demand curve.


Pricing Your Product

Learn how a small twist on your pricing could lead to huge differences through a real-life example from eBay.

What people are saying about this course…

"Love the price of this course - well worth it. Simple, great content and changes my prices to gain profit."
Sam L Owner / President
"To the point with memorable visuals."
Barbara C Director
"Great course and thought provoking! Really makes you think about what the optimal price strategy should be for your products and/or services. The real life example of how eBay used this method is inspiring!"
David L CEO