Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis

Learn the power of regression analysis in Excel as we take you step-by-step through three real world examples from forecasting sales to identifying product insights.

What You'll Learn

Make Predictions

Learn how to use data to make financial predictions and forecasts.

Find Product Insights

Learn how to use data to make decisions product feature prioritization.

Analyze in Excel

Learn the step-by-step method for building a linear and non-linear regression in Excel.

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Meet Your Instructor

  • Nic Barnhart

    Nic has an MBA from Wharton, worked in Finance & Analytics at ZipRecruiter, cofounded an international nonprofit to combat human trafficking, and headed operations at a health tech startup acquired by Aetna. He is Cofounder and Chief Product Officer of Pareto Labs.

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  • 01 Introduction

    Understand what a regression analysis is and why it is helpful in business.

  • 02 Case 1: Predicting Sales

    Learn how to build a linear regression in Excel to forecast revenue for a business.

  • 03 Case 2: Members vs. Engagement

    Uncover product insights using regression analysis to inform new feature development.

  • 04 Case 3: Non-linear Regression

    Learn how to build a non-linear regression to forecast revenue based on marketing spend.

  • 05 Conclusion