Scaling a Family Business with Teddy Fong

Hear stories, advice and wisdom from the CEO of Million Dollar Baby Co., a family owned baby furniture company that has grown over 10x in less than 10 years. Learn how to manage family members, build a winning culture, hire the right people and more.

Meet Your Instructor

Teddy Fong

CEO, Million Dollar Baby Co.

Teddy grew up around the family business his father started, giving him a unique advantage as he acquired his early business education “on the job” as a child. After boarding school and graduating from Harvard, Teddy returned home to take a position as Vice President of Million Dollar Baby Co. before taking the helm as CEO in 2014.





Cultivating Culture in a Family Business


Scale with Care


Managing People and Family Members


Assembling the Right Team


Parting Thoughts

What people are saying about this course…

"Featuring a family business was really helpful to understand the struggles and steady pace at which they grew."
Ravi C
"Family first and I love how Teddy manages the company and his people."
Alain P
"Insights into a very successful company. Not everything needs to be a Silicon Valley rocket shot."
Robert C CEO
"Great advice from a person who's achieved their OKRs while balancing a family dynamic. Authentic insights and excitement to share some best practice concepts."
Morgan D CFO/Corporation Secretary