Understanding ESG with Elizabeth Funk

As a leading investor in sustainability and social causes, Elizabeth will answer all your questions about ESG, including where it came from, where it’s going, and how to incorporate it in your company’s practices.

Meet Your Instructor

Elizabeth Funk

CEO, Dignity Capital

Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of Dignity Capital, one of the first for-profit funds in the microfinance industry. She has invested in everything from affordable housing in Honduras, to a mango processing company that teaches small farmers organic farming techniques, to a grocery delivery service for rural communities in Africa.



What is ESG?

Elizabeth breaks down the E, the S, and the G, one at a time.


The Rise of ESG

Learn how investors, employees and consumers are pushing ESG values and changing how companies operate.


The ESG Landscape

Get an overview of the ESG market and how it’s measured.


ESG’s Future And Evolution

Learn how ESG practices are becoming more difficult to fake and how the field will soon be indistinguishable from traditional business.


ESG Practices You Can Use

Learn how to make ESG a core component of your business so everyone at your company can be an expert.

What people are saying about this course…

"You explained ESG well. I never heard it in an understandable way before."
Blake B Controller