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Skill Courses

Learn specific skills like how to read financial statements or how to analyze customer data in Excel. The practical things you wish you would have learned in school.

How to Read Financial Statements

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Mentor Courses

Access the wisdom and advice of some of the most successful executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners. The things you can’t learn in school.

Leadership with Nathan Rosenberg

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Quickly understand business concepts with simple explanations and animations. Things like how venture capital works or what drives Disney’s growth.

Company Breakdown: The Walt Disney Co.

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Meet Your Instructors:

  • Nic Barnhart

    Nic has an MBA from Wharton, worked in Finance & Analytics at ZipRecruiter, cofounded an international nonprofit to combat human trafficking, and headed operations at a health tech startup acquired by Aetna. He is Cofounder and Chief Product Officer of Pareto Labs.

  • Tommy Moreno

    After receiving his MBA from Harvard, Tommy joined the Strategic Planning Group at The Walt Disney Company, headed operations at Miramax Film, and worked as an operating partner at a multi-billion dollar private equity firm. He is Cofounder and CEO of Pareto Labs.

Meet Your Mentors:

  • Alexi Robichaux

    CEO/Cofounder, BetterUp

  • Elaine Paul

    CFO, Amazon Studios
    CFO, Hulu

  • Nick Van Dyk

    President, Activision Blizzard
    SVP, The Walt Disney Co.

  • Galyn Bernard

    Cofounder, Primary.com
    VP, Amazon

  • Nick Franklin

    Head of Private Equity, Cain Intl
    EVP, The Walt Disney Co.

  • Matt Kuta

    President, Voyager Space Hldg
    Private Equity, Goldman Sachs

  • Michael Dearing

    Founder, Harrison Metal
    Sr. Executive, eBay and Disney

  • Nathan Rosenberg

    Founding Partner, Insigniam
    Executive Coaching Pioneer

  • Paul Madera

    Cofounder, Meritech Capital
    U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot

  • Sean Griffin

    Consultant, BCG
    Strategy, The Walt Disney Co.

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