Building a Startup with Alexi Robichaux

Building a Startup with Alexi Robichaux

Have you ever thought about starting a business? Learn how to build a startup from the co-founder and CEO of multi-billion dollar startup, BetterUp. Alexi provides practical steps and insider advice to prepare you for all the challenges you will encounter as a founder.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Alexi Robichaux

    CEO/Cofounder, BetterUp


  • 01 Introduction

  • 02 Always Be Learning

  • 03 Generating a Startup Idea

  • 04 Getting Started

  • 05 Building a Team

  • 06 Building a Culture

  • 07 Raising Money

  • 08 Selling Your Product

  • 09 Startup Metrics

  • 10 Always Be Firing Yourself

  • 11 Embrace Your Camino