Building a Startup with Alexi Robichaux

Have you ever thought about starting a business? Learn how to build a startup from the co-founder and CEO of multi-billion dollar startup, BetterUp. Alexi provides practical steps and insider advice to prepare you for all the challenges you will encounter as a founder.

Meet Your Instructor

Alexi Robichaux

CEO/Cofounder, BetterUp




Alexi introduces the topics that he will cover in this course, and shares the stories about how and why his entrepreneurship journey started.


Always Be Learning

Alexi talks about how he sought learning opportunities and built a network in his early career, and how that led to his initial leap to build a startup.


Generating a Startup Idea

Go on the journey with Alexi on building an idea and purpose for your startup.


Getting Started

Learn how to hit the first big milestone in building a company – find the product market fit.


Building a Team

Learn the importance of building a team that you can learn from and align with.


Building a Culture

Setting up the values for your company with intentionality, and building a community and culture that embrace the values is a key to success. 


Raising Money

Alexi walks you through the journey of raising venture capital for your startup and finding supportive value-add investors at each stage.


Selling Your Product

Dive into the sales and marketing strategies, methods of product distribution and measuring scalability.


Startup Metrics

Learn what metrics you should focus on at the early stage of the startup journey.


Always Be Firing Yourself

As a startup founder, you are always wearing multiple hats. Find the answers on when and how to delegate your job duties.


Embrace Your Camino

Alexi shares his mindset and what he has learned about self-improvement and personal growth on his entrepreneurial journey.

What people are saying about this course…

"Although I'm not ready to start a business myself (yet, at least) The video about "always firing yourself" showcased an interesting leadership mindset that I can utilize in other parts of my life."
Valerie V
"This is genuinely the best content on starting a business I could have wished to receive. Alexi Robichaux is a true role model."
Neil B United Kingdom
"Building a Startup course with Alexi Robichaux provided me with pages of golden insights to reflect on as I consider starting on my own startup journey. His advice was honest, direct, and really helped refocus my thinking on what's important today vs. what I should be working towards in the future."
"Easy to understand content and engaging instructor."
Daphne P Vietnam
"Thank you so much for your time and effort mentoring me, Alexi. It was very nice for you to donate your experience. It meant a lot to me and I will be using your experience in my daily activities."
Beau W Whitehall, MT
"Excellent presentation from Alexi. He delivers really good golden nuggets."
Caro F Investor
"Clear concise overview of starting a business in a nutshell!"
Anibal M