Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis

Learn how to track performance and uncover insights about your customers with this powerful tool. In this course you will learn when to use a cohort analysis and how to build one from scratch in Excel.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Nic Barnhart

    Cofounder & CPO, Pareto Labs
    Finance/Analytics, ZipRecruiter

    Nic Barnhart is a cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Pareto Labs. Prior to that he was in finance and analytics at ZipRecruiter and head of operations at a health tech startup acquired by Aetna. Earlier in his career, Nic started a business to teach kids basic finance concepts and founded a nonprofit organization to fund efforts to combat human trafficking. He earned a B.S. from the United States Air Force Academy and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


  • 01 What is a Cohort Analysis?

    Understand what a cohort analysis is and how you can use it to track performance and uncover insights about your customers and products.

  • 02 DoorDash and Shopify Examples

    Tech companies use the cohort analysis frequently in their financial reports to give investors more information about their customers and products. Learn how to read and understand these charts by looking at two real world examples.

  • 03 Let's Do One Together!

    Build a cohort analysis together as we simplify it into a step-by-step guide.

  • 04 Downloadable Excel Template

    Download our example Excel template and use it as a guide to build your own cohort analysis for your business.