Demystifying the Board of Directors with Elizabeth Funk

Demystifying the Board of Directors with Elizabeth Funk

Ever wonder what the board of directors does? Elizabeth Funk has served on over 20 boards and chaired 8 of them. In this course, she opens up about her experience in the boardroom, teaching you everything there is to know, and even giving you some tips on how to score a seat.


  • 01 Overview

    Elizabeth explains the many paths that lead to a board seat as well as the typical duties and responsibilities of a board member.

  • 02 Defining the Board of Directors

    Learn the main purposes of the board and how to network with other board members.

  • 03 Who Serves On Boards?

    Boards aren’t just for the rich and famous. Elizabeth reviews the nominating process for board members and the qualities they look for.

  • 04 How Is A Board Organized?

    Elizabeth breaks down how a board operates most effectively based on its size, the terms of its members, and the various committees within it.

  • 05 Advice For Founders

    If you’re starting a company, when should you set up a board, and how do you make sure it’s set up for success?

  • 06 Corporate vs Non-Profit Boards

    Learn how the responsibilities and expectations for a board member on a corporate board differ from a non-profit board.

  • 07 Joining A Board

    As an expert on obtaining board seats, Elizabeth walks through step-by-step how to get on a board.

  • 08 Being a Good Board Member

    So you’re sitting on a board, now what? Learn the skills needed to contribute to the board effectively.

  • 09 Managing A Board

    Learn how to be in charge of other board members, and even the CEO.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Elizabeth Funk

    CEO, Dignity Capital

    Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of Dignity Capital, one of the first for-profit funds in the microfinance industry. She has invested in everything from affordable housing in Honduras, to a mango processing company that teaches small farmers organic farming techniques, to a grocery delivery service for rural communities in Africa.