Growing Revenue Through the Customer Journey

Learn how to find the “levers” of growth in your business by mapping out the 10 steps of the customer journey. We walk you through each one using the example of Southwest Airlines.

Meet Your Instructors

Nic Barnhart

CEO, Pareto Labs
Finance/Analytics, ZipRecruiter

Sean Griffin

Consultant, BCG
Strategy, The Walt Disney Co.




Learn about our case study with Southwest Airlines and get an overview of what we will cover in the course.


Understand Your Revenue

Learn how to create a revenue tree to identify the “levers” of growth in your business.


The Customer Journey

Understand the ten steps of the customer journey from awareness about your product to purchasing it to becoming a loyal customer.


Awareness & Interest

Understand the first two steps of the journey, which covers how customers become aware of and interested in your product.


Consideration, Evaluation, Decision

Learn the next 3 steps of the journey, which includes answering questions like: Do customers have the correct information? How does the information about my product compare to the competition?


The Purchase

Learn how to remove as many friction points as possible and make the product available where customers will want it.


Activation, Repeat, Loyalty, Advocacy

Understand the importance of continuing to foster the customer relationship beyond the initial purchase.


Where to Focus & Closing Thoughts

Learn how to make the most of your sales funnel by looking at the data from each step of the journey.

What people are saying about this course…

"The most engaging course I've ever seen. It's like watching a movie/reality tv show, but you are learning practical skills. Completely exceeded my expectations."
Kat O Director of System and Process
"Terrific content and clearly presented, supported by concrete examples!"
James S Account Director
"Excellent nuggets of information for each step of the Revenue Optimization process. Lots of great info packed in a short, yet informative course."
John A Solutions Engineer
"Concise and easy to understand explanation."
Sanjay P Head of E-commerce
"Well structured, related back to a real life example."
Kerry K Company Founder
"Explained each step very clearly."
Tim J Senior Engineer
"Amazing class! Southwest was a great example."
Abigail O Company Co-Founder