Build a Valuation Model in Excel

Build a Valuation Model in Excel

Learn to build a model in excel, step by step, to determine the financial viability of a project or the value of a business.


  • 01 Introduction

    We introduce the course and tell you about what you will learn.

  • 02 Build an ROI Model - Return on Investment

    Learn to build your first model from scratch! In this lesson you will estimate what your return on investment (ROI) will be for a short term project of selling t-shirts to Pareto Labs customers.

  • 03 Build an NPV Model - Net Present Value

    In this lesson you will learn how to build a model for a longer term investment. You will build a model using the net present value method (NPV) to determine whether buying a t-shirt printing press would be a good investment.

  • 04 Build a DCF Model - Discounted Cash Flow

    Building on the previous lesson, in this one you will learn how to build a model to evaluate whether it makes sense to invest in a longer term business opportunity. In this case, you will be estimating whether or not Pareto Labs should start a t-shirt business, which means a much larger investment that is measured over a much longer time period.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Sean Griffin

    Consultant, BCG
    Strategy, The Walt Disney Co.