How to Craft a Customer Survey

Find out what your customers are really thinking. Learn how to build a survey that customers will actually finish and how to analyze the data to make better business decisions.

Meet Your Instructors

Nic Barnhart

Cofounder & CPO, Pareto Labs
Finance/Analytics, ZipRecruiter

Tommy Moreno

Cofounder & CEO, Pareto Labs
Strategic Planning, Disney



Intro to Survey Crafting

Get an overview of the course and how our example survey will help a local coffee shop capture more customers.


Use Cases for Research Surveys

Learn what survey questions are most effective for your business case, the scope of these questions, and how to ask them.


Survey Best Practices

Get the best practices and core tools for building a quality survey that customers will COMPLETE, including language, flow, duration, and neutrality.


Survey Screener & Introduction

Uncover the 5 parts of every survey and how to craft a clear, engaging introduction.


Crafting Core Survey Questions

Dive deep into writing survey questions with proper formatting to gather actionable answers.


Demographic Questions + Survey Closing

Find out more about your customers’ attributes and create a strong survey ending.


Deploying Your Survey

Before officially launching, learn the key steps to deploying a winning survey.


Analyzing Results

Your survey is only good as the insights you gain from it. Learn to analyze survey data like a pro.

What people are saying about this course…

"Covered all bases. Very thorough. Extremely liked it."
Rashik S
"The course was great and provided me with a few tools to implement before deployment of my survey."
Marco O
"I like how they use the example with the coffee shop. I like this lesson and how I can easily use these things on my own when crafting my own surveys. It was very practical and easy to understand."
Sophia T Tompkins County, NY
"Lots of great information in this tutorial! Well done Pareto Labs!"
John A Solutions Engineer
"Really well-rounded course with a great subject matter and real-life examples."
Nick P Head of E-commerce