How to Hire

Learn the basics of how to find, assess and hire top tier team members. Elevate your game at work by writing great job descriptions, decoding resumes and conducting insightful interviews.

Meet Your Instructor

Tommy Moreno

Cofounder & CEO, Pareto Labs
Strategic Planning, Disney



Intro to Hiring

We introduce you to the key phases of the hiring process and offer a preview of what you will learn in this course.


The Job Description

Learn about the key components of a job description and understand the importance of gaining clarity in what you are looking for in a new hire including the type of person best suited for your organization.


Sourcing Talent

Learn about the different methods and places to recruit talent and how to develop your own system to help maintain a quality source of candidates throughout your career.


Identifying High-Potential Candidates

Learn how to review and filter resumes to identify candidates with the highest potential. We share insider tips and practical advice when conducting phone screens to determine which candidates to interview.


The Interview

Understand how to best prepare for and conduct a live interview with a candidate. We walk you through some of our favorite interview questions that help inform whether a candidate not only has the right experience and skills, but also fits with your culture.


The Offer & Closing The Candidate

Understand the components and design of an offer as well as tactics that can help increase the probability a candidate will accept the offer.


Onboarding & Conclusion

We show you how to design an orientation to help indoctrinate new employees and integrate them seamlessly into your organization.

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"You did a great job at explaining the important qualifications of the hiring process. You provided helpful, organized advice and gave clear responses."
Bleue S
"Excellent quick course. Got tons of action items now."
Kien H Baldwin Park, CA
"Super solid and simplified."
Michael K CEO
"High level strategy and tactical application explained clearly and concisely."
William H CEO