How to Make a Deal​

There is a generally accepted process for making deals in the business world. In this course we discuss the most common types of deals and take you step by step through the process of executing a video game licensing partnership.

Meet Your Instructors

Nic Barnhart

CEO, Pareto Labs
Finance/Analytics, ZipRecruiter

Tommy Moreno

CEO, AMI Entertainment
Strategic Planning, Disney




We set the stage for what you will be learning, give you an overview of the stages of a typical deal process and introduce the scenario we will be playing out throughout the course.


Types of Deals

There are many types of deals that businesses can make. We explore the most common ones in detail.


Negotiating 101

Learn about the process of negotiating and etiquette. We dispel some of the myths about negotiating and discuss how it works in the real world.


The Term Sheet

We introduce you to the first official paperwork of a deal by you a real term sheet. This document helps clarify high level business terms so that each party is on the same page before bringing in the lawyers for an official contract.


The Contract

We walk you through the main components of a legal business contract and discuss how to work with lawyers to finalize the legal terms.


Execution and Operations

After the contract is signed, the deal needs to be operationalized. Learn how to execute on the terms of a deal and avoid pitfalls.


When Deals Go Wrong

In the real world, deals can go wrong or change along the way. We will explore what can go wrong and how to deal with these things when they happen.

What people are saying about this course…

"Very clear and direct."
James J CCO
"Love the gamification that you did here. Really enjoy the whimsical approach to learning business concepts. Thank you!"
Nick C Finance Specialist
"This was an entertaining and surprisingly thorough overview of dealmaking. Very useful as I level up in my career as an entrepreneur."
Benjamin T Business Founder