Impact Investing with Elizabeth Funk

Impact Investing with Elizabeth Funk

Learn how impact investing is changing the way individuals and institutions think about investment decisions and returns from one of the most prolific impact investors and a pioneer of microfinance.


  • 01 My Journey in Impact Investing

    Get an overview of Elizabeth’s career path, from a product manager at Microsoft to the founder of an innovative impact investment company.

  • 02 Impact Investing Overview

    Elizabeth reviews the difference between ESG and impact investing, the spectrum of impact companies, and how impact investing became an over $500 billion market.

  • 03 Managing an Impact Investment Fund

    Learn how to craft a dual investment thesis and evaluate a business’s criteria.

  • 04 B-Corp and Benefit Corporations

    Learn why B-Corp certification is widely sought after, and how being a benefit corporation is only part of this process.

  • 05 The Impact Investing Landscape

    Get insight into networking, scoring investors, and the impact market.

  • 06 Raising Capital for Impact Investing

    Are you in it for the impact or the profit? Elizabeth reveals what she looks for in entrepreneurs, specifically if their motivations align with hers.

  • 07 Profit, Returns & Alignment

    Unlike other investment firms, your first priority in impact investing is not always maximizing profits. Learn about more ethically-driven performance indicators.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Elizabeth Funk

    CEO, Dignity Capital

    Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of Dignity Capital, one of the first for-profit funds in the microfinance industry. She has invested in everything from affordable housing in Honduras, to a mango processing company that teaches small farmers organic farming techniques, to a grocery delivery service for rural communities in Africa.