Know Your Equity

Whether you are at a startup or a large company, employee equity is an important part of your compensation. In this course we demystify the terms, types of equity, tax implications, and more to help you understand the value of your equity compensation.

Meet Your Instructors

Nic Barnhart

CEO, Pareto Labs
Finance/Analytics, ZipRecruiter

Tommy Moreno

CEO, AMI Entertainment
Strategic Planning, Disney



Know Your Equity!

An introduction to the basic terms and concepts of employee equity.


Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs)

Learn why RSAs are used at more established private companies and understand the basics of equity valuation and how taxes on equity compensation work.


Stock Options: ISO and NSO

Understand the difference between stock options and the associated tax implications.


Restricted Stock Units & Negotiating for Your Equity

Understand the type of equity the larger public companies use to retain employees.


Calculating the Value of Your Stock Options

We walk you through our excel template for estimating your equity value.


Funding Your Equity Purchase and Closing Thoughts

Learn about the many nuances of employee compensation and understand the choices you can make along the way to maximize the cash you take home.

What people are saying about this course…

"Very informative course!"
Tekeshia A Company Director
"I love this course. I am learning a lot of ins and outs of equity. I love the examples given and I can see it visually. I love this style! 10/10."
Pak C Coding Instructor
"Good presentation!"
Brad F Company Director