Leadership with Nathan Rosenberg

Learn leadership from one of the world’s most prolific leadership experts, inventor of executive coaching, and founding partner of management consulting firm, Insigniam. This course offers a deep dive into core leadership principles, key characteristics of being a leader, and practical methods for integrating leadership into your day to day activities.

Meet Your Instructor

Nathan Rosenberg

Founding Partner, Insigniam
Executive Coaching Pioneer

Nathan Rosenberg is a founding partner of Insigniam. He is an early pioneer of executive coaching with over 35 years in consulting and 16 years of leading transformational seminars working with more than 85,000 people. Prior to co-founding Insigniam, Nathan founded two other successful enterprises and served as chief executive of four corporations. As a young man, he served as an officer and aviator in the United States Navy, executive support officer to the Secretary of Defense, and national security advisor to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader.




What is it to actually be an effective leader?


Defining Leadership

Learn the difference between being a leader versus being a manager and the key characteristics that make someone a leader.


Becoming a Leader

Learn the best way to practice leadership and how you don’t have to be an extrovert to become a great leader; Nathan highlights the types of leaders and shares how leadership can be learned and within reach of anyone willing to commit.


Developing Other Leaders

Learn how to develop people on your team to perform at a higher level.


Deciding Who You Are

Learn the importance of integrity and commitment to becoming a great leader;  being self aware and knowing what inspires, moves and challenges you will teach you how to best motivate others and lead by example.


Leading When You Are Not The Boss

Learn how to practice leadership when you are not the boss; Leadership is about gaining commitment from others and this can also be practiced both inside your organization and when working with outside vendors, suppliers and contractors.


Leadership as an Entrepreneur

Discover the similarities and differences between leading an entrepreneurial start-up and being a leader within a large organization. Learn how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset that can help fuel your success as a leader in any position.


The Psychology of Being a Leader

Learn about the Imposter Syndrome and how to get past it to maximize your potential as a leader; learn key steps and metrics to help gauge your effectiveness as a leader.



Learn the importance of coaching when leading and how it is an effective tool to help elevate the performance of others.


Becoming a Coach

Learn the steps and techniques to becoming a great coach as part of your leadership development.


Mentorship & Coaching

Learn the importance of having a mentor and the difference between mentorship and coaching and how each can work in tandem.


Leading Yourself Toward a Balanced Life

Learn how to lead yourself towards achieving a balanced life;  learn practical tips for your daily routine to reach a better balance and maximize your leadership effectiveness.


Career Management

Learn how to think about your future growth as a leader and practical tips to and actions you can take today help you reach your career goals. 

What people are saying about this course…

"Leadership with Nathan Rosenberg is a very inspiring course. He made me realize how I can achieve my career goal. I will listen to this course again."
Sanjiv K
"Love the content. This is truly leadership training at its best."
Jerry G Company President
"Really effective examples for any aspiring leader. Nathan comes across as very authentic, energetic, passionate, and charismatic. The best thing is it's not over the top on the charisma which will weaken authenticity. So Kudos to you Nathan."
Kris L Sarasota, FL
"Great leader sharing great insights! I love the context Nathan set and the powerful tips."
Waseem A
"I thought this was an exceptional learning experience."
Vannack S Chicopee, MA
"I really like the way that he addresses leadership, and how I can use some of these principles in my current position."
Caleb C McAlester, OK
"Brilliant course. It has helped me to deal with staff retention after an acquisition."
Chukwudi E United Kingdom