Leadership with Nathan Rosenberg

Leadership with Nathan Rosenberg

Learn leadership from one of the world's most prolific leadership experts, inventor of executive coaching, and founding partner of management consulting firm, Insigniam.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Nathan Rosenberg

    • Founding Partner, Insigniam
    • Inventor of Executive Coaching
    • U.S. Navy

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Define

    Define "Leadership" and how it differs from management.

  • Coach

    Coach others on your team.

  • Mentor

    Mentor others and find a mentor yourself.

  • Decide

    Decide who you want to be as a leader.

  • Lead

    Lead others even when you are not the boss.

  • Transition

    Transition yourself and your career.


Each class is approximately 8-12 minutes long.

  • 01 Introduction

  • 02 Becoming a Leader

  • 03 Developing Other Leaders

  • 04 Deciding Who You Are

  • 05 Leading When You Are Not The Boss

  • 06 Leadership As An Entrepreneur

  • 07 The Psychology of Being a Leader

  • 08 Coaching

  • 09 Becoming a Coach

  • 10 Mentorship & Coaching

  • 11 Leading Yourself Toward a Balanced Life

  • 12 Career Management