Mission Statement with Nathan Rosenberg

Mission Statement with Nathan Rosenberg

Learn how to craft a mission statement that gives your business a purpose, a “North Star” you can always point to. Nathan Rosenberg, a founding member of Insigniam and executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs, leads a mission statement workshop with three members of the Pareto Labs team so that you can learn how to lead this process with your own team.


  • 01 Introduction

    Nathan answers the question, why have a mission statement at all?

  • 02 The Predictable Future

    The team begins the process of writing a mission statement. The first step is setting a realistic expectation for what your business will look like in the distant future.

  • 03 The Future You Really Want

    Next, consider what you would want the organization to look like in a perfect world.

  • 04 The Four Questions

    Answering these four questions will bring clarity and alignment to your team on the core business principles.

  • 05 The Customer’s Viewpoint

    Imagine the product from the customer’s perspective to get a better understanding of what value your company provides.

  • 06 Mapping Out The Mission

    Nathan leads a group exercise with sticky notes to assemble a cohesive mission statement.

  • 07 Final Thoughts

    The team drafts their mission statement and Nathan gives his concluding thoughts on the statement’s significance in running a business.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Nathan Rosenberg

    Founding Partner, Insigniam
    Executive Coaching Pioneer

    Nathan Rosenberg is a founding partner of Insigniam. He is an early pioneer of executive coaching with over 35 years in consulting and 16 years of leading transformational seminars working with more than 85,000 people. Prior to co-founding Insigniam, Nathan founded two other successful enterprises and served as chief executive of four corporations. As a young man, he served as an officer and aviator in the United States Navy, executive support officer to the Secretary of Defense, and national security advisor to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader.