Raising Capital with Lisa Alderson

Learn the tried and true playbook of how to raise venture capital for your startup from Lisa Alderson, founder and CEO of Genome Medical, who has raised hundreds of millions for 7 startups over her career.

Meet Your Instructor

Lisa Alderson

Founder & CEO, Genome Medical

Lisa Alderson is as serial entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and CEO of Genome Medical, a digital health company bringing genetics to everyday life. Over the course of her career she has raised hundreds of millions in venture capital, and led hundreds of pitches for numerous startups. She has an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Colorado State University.




Learn what will be covered in the course and get a breakdown on the basics of venture capital and the investment stages.


When to Raise Capital

Learn how to identify the right time to start the fundraising process for each stage of investment.


Finding Potential Investors

Lisa offers her insight on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of investors and how to get in front of the right ones for you.


The Pitch

The pitch is your moment to shine, which is exciting but also stressful. Who do you bring? How long should it be? What information is typically included? Don’t worry, Lisa has the answers.


The Process

When you start the process of raising capital, you’re signing up for months of working and waiting. Lisa walks you through each step.


Selecting Investors

Learn how to qualify an investor in a simple way.



Learn how to prepare for this stage of the process where investors will dig deep into the details of your business.


Valuation and Key Terms

Valuation is not the only factor to consider. Understand the other important terms in venture capital deals.


You Can Do It!

Stay resilient. Be strategic. Do your homework. Lisa leaves you with some parting words of inspiration.

What people are saying about this course…

"Very informational and educational on a process that is really not covered as in other places."
Justin M CEO
"Loved the information and succinct way of understanding the capital raise process."
Cory B
"This course was really amazing. I enjoyed it tremendously and feel like I understand the fundraising process way better now. Thanks!"
Julius K