Results-Driven Training & Development

When it comes to building a successful organization, memorizing numbers and key terms isn’t going to cut it. Follow this step by step process to move beyond knowledge and create learning that makes an impact and gets results.

Meet Your Instructor

Matt Gjertsen

Chief Learning Officer, Better Every Day Studios

Matt Gjertsen is a former instructor pilot in the US Air Force and former head of training and development at SpaceX. He’s also the founder and Chief Learning Officer of Better Every Day Studios, a learning and development consultancy focused on creating impactful and engaging, custom learning solutions for the clients.




Get an overview of the four different ways to measure the impact of a course which will serve as the foundation of the rest of the course.


Starting with the Business

Find out where most people go wrong when thinking about learning and how you can do it right by focusing on the business results you want to achieve.


Measurement that Matters

Measuring impact is the only way you can know if learning is making a difference. Here are a few methods you can use to measure the impact of learning on your organization.


Identifying Behavior

Every outcome starts with a simple action. Learn how to take the impact you are trying to have on your organization and figure out what behavior change you need to create.


When Learning ISN’T the Answer

Though learning is an important tool, it isn’t always the right tool. Use this simple process to know when to use learning to solve your problem.


Curating Knowledge

The fastest way to lose people is to overwhelm them with knowledge. Learn how to curate the knowledge in a course so people can focus on remembering the essentials.


Knowledge Management & People Data

Understand why knowledge management and people data are the critical elements to building a strong learning foundation.


Getting Engagement

Once you have built great learning content, use these steps to drive engagement with your organization.

What people are saying about this course…

"Great Course - Plan to implement what you taught as I create training for my company."
Terry M Business Owner
"Wow, I never thought leaning could be so much fun. I love how the teacher gets straight to the point of what we should know. Totally love the format."
Rolando C Business Owner