A Brief Overview of Venture Capital with Paul Madera

Learn how startups get financed with one of venture capital’s most prominent investors. Paul Madera is the founder of a multi-billion dollar VC firm, Meritech Capital, and early investor in companies like Facebook and Salesforce.

Meet Your Instructor

Paul Madera

Cofounder, Meritech Capital
U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot



The Venture Capital Industry

Learn about the venture capital industry, how it has evolved over time, and what the various stages look like.


The Venture Capital Career

Hear about what it takes to get a job in VC and what qualities the best investors have.


Deal Stories

Enjoy stories about what it was like invest early in multi-billion dollar companies like Facebook and Salesforce.


Advice for Entrepreneurs

Acquire advice about how investors evaluate founders and startups.


Venture Capital Investing Wisdom

Learn the secrets of making good deals and hear Paul’s advice for amateur investors.

What people are saying about this course…

"Really enjoying the stories as examples and a way to learn principles."
Sierra J San Dimas, CA
"It is very informative and insightful about venture capital."
Mohamed M United Kingdom
"It's awesome. I've always wanted to learn about how VC's worked."
Caleb C McAlester, OK
"Quick and simple learning! Just what I was looking for."
Wesley H Cumming, GA
"Paul has incredible investing experience. I'm so glad to see him share it in this entertaining and easy to watch format."
Brian P Neptune Beach, FL