Venture Capital with Paul Madera

Venture Capital with Paul Madera

Learn how startups get financed with one of venture capital's most prominent investors. Paul Madera is the founder of a multi-billion dollar VC firm, Meritech Capital, and early investor in companies like Facebook and Salesforce.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Paul Madera

    • Cofounder, Meritech Capital
    • Early Investor in Facebook and Salesforce
    • U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot

In this course you will...

  • Understand

    Understand the stages of venture capital.

  • Navigate

    Navigate the fundraising process.

  • Know

    Know how to pursue a career in venture capital.

  • Hear

    Hear stories about huge deals like Facebook and Salesforce.


  • 01 The Venture Capital Industry

    Learn about the venture capital industry, how it has evolved over time, and what the various stages look like.

  • 02 The Venture Capital Career

    Hear about what it takes to get a job in VC and what qualities the best investors have.

  • 03 Deal Stories

    Enjoy stories about what it was like invest early in multi-billion dollar companies like Facebook and Salesforce.

  • 04 Advice for Entrepreneurs

    Acquire advice about how investors evaluate founders and startups.

  • 05 Venture Capital Investing Wisdom

    Learn the secrets of making good deals and hear Paul's advice for amateur investors.